Time capsule

T-SQL Tuesday for August 2020 is hosted by Tamera Clark (b|t). She's asking for help in assembling a #SQLCommunity time capsule =). Thanks for hosting, Tamera!

Here's four things I'm proposing to put in:

  • A copy of today's newspaper. Ordinarily I'd choose the Guardian but as I'm writing this on a Sunday it might have to be the Observer.

  • A printout of the T-SQL Reference page on CAST and CONVERT date and time styles, to help the finder make sense of the text at the top of the newspaper. I'd probably add docs for REPLACE, STUFF, DATEPART AND DATENAME – if you're not using one of the baked-in styles, you're going to need them. (I'm in the UK, and the British DD/MM/YYYY format with time isn't baked in!)

  • My recipe for Chocolate Old Fashioneds

    • Couple of dashes of chocolate bitters (I use Fee Brothers, others are available)
    • 1tsp caramel syrup
    • 2oz bourbon
    • Ice
    • Garnish tbc – ideas welcome!

  • A selection of tweets with the #sqlfamily hashtag – something that makes our community special is that it's not just about the technology. You don't have to read many tweets to work that out =).

Finally – and more about resilience than content – I'm going to suggest that we make a bunch of copies of the capsule, then bury them all over the place. Geo-replication, old-school.