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 https://​www.atlassian.com/​git/​tutorials/​setting-up-a-repository/​git-config covers a lot of possible settings. https://​www.atlassian.com/​git/​tutorials/​setting-up-a-repository/​git-config covers a lot of possible settings.
 === Editor === === Editor ===
-By default the mighty [[https://​www.vim.org/​|vim]] ​for Git for Windows. If that's not your cup of tea:+In Git for Windows, by default the mighty [[https://​www.vim.org/​|vim]]. If that's not your cup of tea:
   * ''​git config %%--%%global core.editor %%"​%%'​C:/​Program Files/​Notepad++/​notepad++.exe'​ -multiInst -notabbar -nosession -noPlugin%%"​%%''​   * ''​git config %%--%%global core.editor %%"​%%'​C:/​Program Files/​Notepad++/​notepad++.exe'​ -multiInst -notabbar -nosession -noPlugin%%"​%%''​
-By default ''​nano''​ for [[azure:​shell]]. I prefer ''​vim''​! 
-  * ''​git config --global core.editor %%"​%%/​usr/​bin/​vim%%"​%%''​ 
 === Terminal colours === === Terminal colours ===