DbScout generates browseable database documentation – including interactive schema diagrams – from database metadata in a variety of formats. It provides:

  • per-table wiki articles with links to related tables;
  • clickable module (table group) diagrams with links to table pages and to related modules.

See the results in the sample MediaWiki database schema documentation!

The Mediawiki sample documentation was generated directly from Mediawiki database metadata (system catalog views; database created using MediaWiki's TSQL script).

Data model documentation for Sprockit is maintained using DbScout.

Sprockit's database documentation is built from a platform-independent XML description file using DbScout.

DbScout is a C# application that uses a number of other free tools:

  • Diagrams are generated using Graphviz;
  • Panning and zooming is provided by svg-pan-zoom;
  • Table pages are written in Dokuwiki markup and published using the XML-RPC API; module diagram pages use a bespoke Dokuwiki template (PHP) activated using the loadskin plugin.

DbScout is Copyright © 2015-2018 Richard Swinbank.