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Rows in this table record process activity polled periodically by the process manager.

Records in the table that are older (in days) than Sprockit's LogRetentionPeriod property are automatically deleted.

Column name1) Column type Description Notes
RL1 ExecutionId INT Identifies the process in execution at [PollDateTime].
PollDateTime DATETIME The date and time at which process activity was polled.
LineNumber INT The line number of the SQL statement in execution at [PollDateTime] Line numbers are only available for stored procedures executed directly by Sprockit. Care should be taken when interpreting line numbers reported from processes containing nested elements (stored procedure or dynamic SQL calls), as the line number may relate to either the outer SP or to whichever of the nested elements was in execution at [PollDateTime].
SqlStatementStart NVARCHAR(255) The first 255 characters of the statement beginning at [LineNumber] SQL fragments are only available for stored procedures executed directly by Sprockit.

Relationships with integrity enforced by a foreign key constraint have identifiers prefixed with FK; others are prefixed RL.

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Referenced table Referenced attributes
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RL1 ExecutionId sprockit.Execution ExecutionId
Relationship Attributes
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