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Rows in this table record processes that handlers have reserved for execution.

Handlers are required to reserve processes prior to executing them to ensure that a process cannot be executed by more than one handler. Exclusivity of reservations is enforced using this table's primary key.

Column name1) Column type Description Notes
PK, RL1 ProcessId INT Identifies the reserved process. IDENTITY
RL2 HandlerId INT Identifies the handler that has reserved the process indicated by [ProcessId].
ReservationTime DATETIME The date and time at which the reservation was made.

Relationships with integrity enforced by a foreign key constraint have identifiers prefixed with FK; others are prefixed RL.

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(in this table)
Referenced table Referenced attributes
(in referenced table)
RL2 HandlerId sprockit.Handler HandlerId
RL1 ProcessId sprockit.Process ProcessId
Relationship Attributes
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Referenced attributes
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Columns with names in bold are non-nullable; columns with underlined names are participants in the table's primary key.