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This table records the value of various SSIS performance counters at intervals.

The table is populated with the results of querying SSISDB's catalog.dm_execution_performance_counters() function, run once in each iteration of Sprockit's process manager for all Sprockit-executed SSIS packages in progress at that time. Records in the table that are older (in days) than Sprockit's SsisPerfmonRetentionPeriod property are automatically deleted.

Column name1) Column type Description Notes
PK ActivityDateTime DATETIME The date and time at which the data in this row was retrieved.
PK, RL1 ExecutionId INT Identifies the Sprockit execution to which the record relates. If required, the SSISDB package execution ID can be extracted from Sprockit's execution configuration.
BuffersInUse BIGINT Buffers in use performance counter
BuffersSpooled BIGINT Buffers spooled performance counter A non-zero value indicates that the SSIS server flushed working buffers to disk during this package run, indicating memory pressure. This is usually associated with noticeable – possibly severe – performance deterioration.
BufferMemory BIGINT Buffers memory performance counter
PrivateBuffersInUse BIGINT Private buffers in use performance counter
PrivateBufferMemory BIGINT Private buffer memory performance counter
FlatBuffersInUse BIGINT Flat buffers in use performance counter
FlatBufferMemory BIGINT Flat buffer memory performance counter
RowsRead BIGINT Rows read performance counter
RowsWritten BIGINT Rows written performance counter
BlobBytesRead BIGINT BLOB bytes read performance counter
BlobBytesWritten BIGINT BLOB bytes written performance counter
BlobFilesInUse BIGINT BLOB files in use performance counter

Relationships with integrity enforced by a foreign key constraint have identifiers prefixed with FK; others are prefixed RL.

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RL1 ExecutionId sprockit.Execution ExecutionId
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