Allow loop iterations to fail

When a task inside a for/foreach loop container in SSIS fails, the container itself also fails immediately. To prevent the container from failing, you must prevent errors from bubbling up to the parent container. You can then iterate over a number of tasks, executing every task in the collection, even if one or more tasks fail before all have been attempted.

You can use the 'Error' precedence constraint to log the fact of task failure for later inspection and attention.

To prevent error propagation:

  1. Select the task inside the loop container for which you want failures to be tolerated
  2. Go the the 'Event handlers' surface
  3. Click on the link to create an event handler. You don't need to add any tasks here unless you want to (e.g. for error logging).
  4. View the package Variables pane, then using the 'Grid options' button, select 'Show system variables'

  5. Set the value of the Propagate variable (it's in the OnError scope) to False