Catalog deployments

This query returns information about the versions of SSIS objects currently deployed into the SSIS catalog:

  • [**Project**LastDeployed] indicates the date and time when the project was last deployed
  • [version_build] indicates the version of each package currently deployed. You can compare this against a package in Visual Studio by clicking somewhere in free space on the control flow surface then hitting F4 – the displayed properties window will include the corresponding VersionBuild property.
  f.[name] AS CatalogFolder
, proj.[name] AS ProjectName
, CAST(proj.last_deployed_time AS DATETIME) AS [**Project**LastDeployed]
, pkg.[name] AS PackageName
, pkg.version_build
FROM SSISDB.[catalog].packages pkg
  INNER JOIN SSISDB.[catalog].projects proj ON proj.project_id = pkg.project_id
  INNER JOIN SSISDB.[catalog].folders f ON f.folder_id = proj.folder_id
--WHERE proj.[name] = 'MySsisProject'
, proj.[name]
, pkg.[name]