Mapping keyboard shortcuts in SSMS

To map keyboard shortcuts1):

  1. Tools → Options
  2. Environment → Keyboard
  3. For each shortcut:
    1. In the scroll pane containing the list of commands, select (click to highlight) the command for which you want to create a shortcut. You can type in command fragments in the box above the pane to filter the list.
    2. Use the 'Use new shortcut in' dropdown to choose the scope of your shortcut
    3. Click into the 'Press shortcut keys' field
    4. Press your key combination (e.g. F5, Ctrl + R, Ctrl + Alt + K)
    5. Click the 'Assign' button to the right of the dropdown.
  4. When you have finished assigning shortcuts, click OK.
Command Description Key combination Scope
View.Refresh The command called from a right-click context menu's 'Refresh' item F5 Global
Query.Execute Execute a SQL query from the query editor F5 SQL Query Editor
Window.ShowResultsPane Toggle display of the results pane in the query editor Ctrl+R SQL Query Editor

A number of commands in SSMS 2012 seemed to be mapped differently than in previous versions, also opening an Integration Services catalog for the first time in SSMS 2014 resets a few popular options. Here's how to fix that!